The Human Rights Party
A Global Movement  !Join US!
  Regardless of your current political views or the country in which you live, you are welcome in the Human Rights Party.  And you don't even have to give up your current party affiliation!
   We are simply individuals who dedicate our votes and political influence in favor of candidates who support, above all else, the tenets outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
   The leaders we support agree that the primary duty of elected officials is to ensure the welfare and health of the People, regardless of any personal, political or financial pressures.
   We work for a world that is built on cooperation, tolerance and mutual respect- not competition, fear and warfare.
   We work for a world where our global environments and resources are respected and tended, not exploited.
   In joining with others, we will create the global shift from fear, madness and illusion to a shared joyful enthusiasm for truth and life.
   You can be a part of this!
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